teenagers designers clothes

What well-known designers offer for girls?

teenagers designers clothes

What well-known designers offer for teenagers? Most of girls love dresses, bright accessories and fashionable T-shirts. Let’s start with the dresses, this season Billieblush brand offers two dresses, one is a light dress with straps on the every day, in pink, blue and yellow colors. And the second dress is more appropriate for some events. This dress with short sleeves and a bright golden color, undoubtedly your girl will not stay unnoticed. Another cute dress offer designers of Patachou brand, this dress is delicate pale pink, sleeveless and with a beautiful collar, and with a shimmering effect. Shirt is also one of the important items of clothing in the wardrobe of girl. Brand DKNY offers gentle peach-colored T-shirt with the logo of the brand in the middle. And now let’s talk about accessories, one of the most important accessories is the handbag, designers of Hucklebones London brand offer bag in silver color with small blue flowers, the bag is opened by a zipper. This bag is suitable for both, and for an important event and for every day. Another important accessory is a hair ornament, brand Ballon Chic presents a simple but elegant hoop for hair, in white color with bow at the side. Of course all of these outfits need beautiful shoes. Famous brand Burberry represent to your attention the elegant pale lilac shoes decorated with a flower on the toes. Sometimes summer is cold, that is why designers of Carrement Beau brand present gentle peach-colored jacket with a zipper, and with pockets on both sides. Choosing clothes for your child, you should be sure that it will not only look modern and beautiful, but also feel good in it.

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